Monthly Archives: November 2008

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A Christmas Maternity…

I had the funnest maternity today.  It was fun to meet Heather & Ryan.  Isn’t she beautiful..  and can’t wait to meet their little baby girl- Isabella. 

Beautiful wedding cakes

I love to photograph wedding cakes.  You can tell so much about a wedding.. just from the cake!  I always love to photograph ARDY POZZI’s cakes.  They are gorgeous & YUUMMMMY too.  Please check out the link to her blog spot. My most favorite cake is the chocolate on chocolate cake with simple red roses… […]

Jordan & Janaya

Meet Jordan & Janaya.  The mountains were beautiful this weekend and the sun was shining.  We couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day.  

H & M… and the beautiful Turnagain Arm

It was a beautiful day, a bit cold (OK.. a lot cold!) but worth every minute of the session.  This shot is my favorite from the session.

Sweetest baby boy

Welcome to my new blog!  I’m so excited to start posting and what a great way to start out bloggin- just look at this perfect baby boy..  AHHH..  doesn’t he melt your heart!  He was such a good baby to photograph.  His parents are so lucky to have such a sweet heart.  I love the sweet, […]