Preschool session & My story…

I recently did some preschool pictures for my kids daycare facility and wanted to share my story. I’m not the most poetic blogger and am much better with a camera than writing down my thoughts, so bear with me. There might even be a few typo’s and I apologize but I wanted to share…

Let me paint a picture… Imagine a session with 40+ 2-8 year olds and my 2 kids are “helping me”. I’m the “PHOTOGHRAPHER” to 40 kids but to my two kids I’m just “MOM”. We get started and within minutes I’m shooting with a 3 year old hanging on my leg & a 6 1/2 year old standing behind me making “rabbit ears” over my head. She’s doing this to help make the little kids smile not to completely distract her mom, the photographer. Meanwhile I’m trying to get a “class picture” of the 3-4 year olds which I have learned in an impossible task! We all survive the chaotic 2 hour shoot. Now, I’ve got to pack up all the equipment and my kids are ready to go home. They begin asking a million and one questions, “can we have McDonalds?”, “are we going to the cabin?” and I think they even began to bicker. I take a deep breathe I start putting stuff away, taking down lights, backdrops, stands and packing up the camera bag. I look over and my son has the light bulb out of my light!! Yes, my expensive studio light! Just the simple fact he’s playing with a light bulb stresses me out, but even more so with my studio lights! Agghh…

I’m writing this for all my clients, because I understand!!! Believe me, I understand. Coming to a portrait session can be stressful and we have expectations. We all want that perfect image. Honestly, sometimes it doesn’t happen and we have to just smile and take what we can get! Often when we do that we get the most natural smiles and true personality of our kids.

Here is my son’s preschool picture and I have to sayI love it! It’s 100% Cole!

  1. Jenn Bigelow posted the following on May 23, 2010 at 11:26 am.

    Love the picture. Reminds me of Colin, I think I have one just like it!

  2. Janelle posted the following on June 19, 2010 at 12:04 am.

    oh Laura, we love you and you are awesome! Great picture of Cole :)

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