What to wear… This fall is about COLOR & CREATIVITY

With some clients coming for Fall Mini-Sessions soon I thought it might be nice to post about clothing selection. It sounds intimidating, but clothing selection can be fun (and shouldn’t be stressful!) Please don’t wear all Khaki pants or black tops. That is easy, but do families dress like that in real life?
Be creative and have some fun! Here are some tips to get that fun, not “matching” look….
1. Start with a favorite piece of clothing. Maybe it’s your daughters favorite dress or your favorite sweater.
2. Pick another color that compliments your favorite clothing. You have just decided on your color “scheme”.
3. Then search the closets of dark blue, brown, or any other complimentary color.
4. Find accessories. Scarfs, hats, and earings will help pull the “look” together.

Here are some outfit samples from mini-boden and a sample color scheme.
BLOG what to wear
Another clothing sample and color scheme. In this color scheme mom might look great in a brown jacket with a pink scarf. Dad could be in a green polo shirt. The possibilities are endless… and FUN!
BLOG what to wear2

  1. Ellen posted the following on August 30, 2010 at 11:38 am.

    Great ideas- LOVE the bright colors!

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