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Baby Charlotte…

She was so sweet to us! No accidents. No fussing. Just a happy baby girl.

Sample senior annoucement

Custom senior annoucements have quickly become one of the “hottest” products. Each is unique and customizable for each senior. Here are a few samples

Jasmine… 2010 senior slideshow

2010 Senior… R.J.

A sneak peak…

Jasmine… 2010 senior

A sneak peak for Jasmine… I had so much fun working with Jasmine! I loved her style.. unique, fun, funky!

Robyn… 2010 senior

I love the class of 2010! Every senior I’ve photographed this summer has been amazing. I was finalizing Robyn’s order and I just had to post these images.

Another 2010 Senior…

Meet Devon. Doesn’t he look like he could be in an add for Abercrombie or Hollister? We found some great light near the lake. It took a bit to get into a “groove” but it was worth it and Devon is a great model! He did great choosing his clothes. Just a few…

Megan.. . 2010 senior

Future Pittsburg Steelers fan…

Meet the newest Pittsburg fan.. Wyatt. He was such a sweet baby. He sure likes his daddy! There are some great shots of him and his daddy together. You can tell Daddy loves his little man. Look at the custom birth announcement I put together for baby Wyatt.. I know their family will just love […]

“What should we wear?”… Simple family suggestion

Here is a simple family suggestion. 1. Start with a favorite color that either works well with your family or that might look good with your home decor. 2. Build outfits around that color. 3. Use different patterns and textures to add a bit more “pizzazz” ~Laura