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What to wear… This fall is about COLOR & CREATIVITY

With some clients coming for Fall Mini-Sessions soon I thought it might be nice to post about clothing selection. It sounds intimidating, but clothing selection can be fun (and shouldn’t be stressful!) Please don’t wear all Khaki pants or black tops. That is easy, but do families dress like that in real life? Be creative […]

“What should we wear?”… Simple family suggestion

Here is a simple family suggestion. 1. Start with a favorite color that either works well with your family or that might look good with your home decor. 2. Build outfits around that color. 3. Use different patterns and textures to add a bit more “pizzazz” ~Laura

“What to wear”- Maternity

Maternity sessions are one of my most favorite sessions to shoot.  I love to see women really celebrating their bodies and seeing them feeling confident, glowing and sexy.  It’s fun to see the new daddy involved and excited as well.  Siblings can be included also for a “family” portrait before the newest member arrives. What to wear […]

“What should we wear?”….

This is always the next question clients ask and over the next few weeks I’ll try and answer that questions. I know it is so hard to “dress” the family for a photo session. Think beyond the “family uniform” where everyone is in black or white tops and khaki pants. I do love the look […]