Missy… 2010 Senior

I just love shooting Missy’s senior portraits! I did her brother’s pictures a few years ago and couldn’t wait to shoot Missy. She is such a sweetie with such a fun style. Her clothing choice was just perfect for her! She was up for anything and we found some cool locations and some amazing, vibrant colors!
When we took this one we all knew it would be a favorite.

Tierney… 2010 Senior

Enjoy- Hope you love it Tierney!

“What to wear”- Maternity

Maternity sessions are one of my most favorite sessions to shoot.  I love to see women really celebrating their bodies and seeing them feeling confident, glowing and sexy.  It’s fun to see the new daddy involved and excited as well.  Siblings can be included also for a “family” portrait before the newest member arrives.

What to wear for a maternity session?  How daring are you?  Do you want conservative shots with just a bit of “belly” showing?  Or do you want creative, dramatic lighting for a more sensual look?  Do you want your hubby involved or is this a special suprise?  Just a few things to think about for you to plan your session. 

At the studio there are wraps and gowns present.  I’m always on the hunt for treasures and have a few things that photograph well.  When picking out clothing to bring you want tight fitting shirts.  A simple tank top and jeans work perfect.  Open sweaters with lots of texture are another choice.  A cute dress for a sassier look and don’t forget the heals and jewlery.  A jean jacket and panties is fun.  Your husbands favorite jersey is cute or his military uniform.  These can also be used when we shoot the newborn as well and make a great collage.

Here are some samples.

Tierney… 2010 senior

We had so much fun!   This was the last place we shot and they are my favorite.  Doesn’t it look like the cover of a Taylor Swift or Kellie Pickler CD? 

sweetest little girl…

I love shooting babies! And I love shooting this family. Every spring for the past 3 years I’ve gotten together with the Weemes. When I saw the green grass sprouting this spring I thought of Noelle. Noelle is a hip, fun loving mom who lives in Teller, Ak with her family. She is creator of Balance Baby mobiles.   We worked together to create the images for her website.  I didn’t hear from her until late June and guess what she said, “we are in town, and we had a baby girl!”  Suprise! So, we got together to photograph her sweet baby girl! Here is a sneak peak Noelle and a fun, hip, eclectic birth announcement.

“What should we wear?”….

This is always the next question clients ask and over the next few weeks I’ll try and answer that questions.

I know it is so hard to “dress” the family for a photo session. Think beyond the “family uniform” where everyone is in black or white tops and khaki pants. I do love the look of simple clothing, and those are great choices, but you can get a bit more creative and fun with the clothing (and the session!). Dressing the family is just like putting together a great outfit! Start with a favorite piece of clothing and color scheme.

Remember the color wheel? This one…

Start by thinking about a color scheme. Ask yourself what would look good in your house hanging on your walls? What looks good on your family?
The outfits below are based off a “analogous” color scheme. These colors are found next to each other on the color wheel. When these colors are put together they have a nice harmonous feel to them. Pastel colors don’t always look good in pictures, add a bit more contrast and be a bit more daring that usual.
With that in mind, here are some suggestions…
BLOG what to wear4

Janaya & Jordan, another wedding peak

This is my second wedding at this private house in Willow, AK and by far- it’s my most favorite place to photograph weddings. Jordan came to the party via float place- very Alaskan!! Janaya made the grand entrance with her dad. Guests got to celebrate in the plane hanger. All the details were perfect. Janaya and her family (and Jordan’s family) did a great job setting up and making sure they had the perfect day. It really was a family event and you can tell they are a happy, loving couple.
Here is a short video:

another peak…

Janaya & Jordan

Just another from Ian & Kayla’s wedding

another one I just had to share!